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Nick Zafiris is a real estate professional with over six years of experience in the indust

Starting at $150

The photographer's photo listing packages for realtors offer a range of options to meet the diverse needs of real estate listings. The Basic Package provides essential interior and exterior shots with standard editing, while the Standard Package includes comprehensive coverage, enhanced editing, and additional highlight shots. The Premium Package offers a full-day session with advanced editing, aerial shots, and virtual staging. Add-ons include options such as virtual tours, twilight photography, printed marketing materials, and a social media boost. A Seasonal Package caters to different seasons, and a Custom Package allows tailored solutions. All packages feature an online gallery, high-resolution images in various formats, and a quick turnaround. This structured approach ensures flexibility and customization to enhance the visual appeal of each property listing.

Starting at $75

The Drone Package Add-On complements the photographer's real estate services with captivating aerial perspectives. This enhancement includes high-quality drone shots capturing the property from unique angles and showcasing its surroundings. The Basic Drone Package offers 5-7 aerial images integrated seamlessly with the property's features. The Standard Drone Package expands coverage, encompassing the entire property and providing a bird's-eye view. It includes 10-15 aerial images with advanced editing for optimal clarity. The Premium Drone Package offers an extensive aerial session, capturing the property's grandeur and surroundings in 20-25 images. All drone packages are compatible with virtual tours, adding an immersive dimension to the real estate listings. These aerial shots not only highlight the property's scale and features but also contribute to a comprehensive and visually appealing marketing strategy for realtors.


Starting at $650

The Full Media Package is an all-encompassing solution tailored for realtors seeking a comprehensive visual representation of their listings. This package seamlessly integrates professional photography, drone coverage, including FPV Drone shots and captivating video home tours to maximize the property's market appeal. The Photography component, similar to the Premium Package, offers an extensive interior and exterior photo session with advanced editing, ensuring high-resolution images that showcase the property's finest details. The Drone Package, included as a key feature, introduces captivating aerial perspectives, providing 15-20 stunning images that highlight the property's scale and surroundings.

The Video Home Tours component elevates the marketing strategy further, offering a dynamic visual experience for potential buyers. This includes a professionally produced video showcasing the property's key features, interior spaces, and exterior views. The video is expertly edited, set to engaging music, and optimized for online platforms, providing a virtual walkthrough that immerses viewers in the property.

This Full Media Package is designed to not only meet but exceed the visual expectations of potential buyers. It offers a seamless blend of photography, drone imagery, and video content to create a compelling narrative for each listing. By combining these elements, realtors can effectively differentiate their properties in a competitive market, providing potential buyers with a comprehensive and immersive experience.

Starting at $350

Lifestyle Photography and Video Package: "Salty Moments"

This comprehensive package is designed to capture the essence of your lifestyle, creating vibrant and engaging content that resonates with your audience. Ideal for individuals, couples, families, or influencers seeking a dynamic visual representation of their unique stories.


Starting at $75

Elevate your professional image with our Headshot Photography service, where we specialize in capturing the essence of your personality and competence in a single frame. Our skilled photographers bring out your best features through expert lighting and composition, ensuring a polished and authentic representation. Whether you're updating your LinkedIn profile, business website, or professional portfolio, our Headshot Photography session is tailored to meet your specific needs. We create a comfortable and relaxed environment to bring forth your genuine expression, resulting in a headshot that not only conveys professionalism but also radiates approachability. Let us craft a headshot that leaves a lasting impression, setting you apart in the professional sphere.

Starting at $1,000

Transform your online presence with our Website Design service, where creativity meets functionality to craft visually stunning and user-friendly websites. Our team of skilled designers combines cutting-edge aesthetics with intuitive navigation, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience. Whether you're establishing a new online presence or revamping an existing site, we tailor our designs to align with your brand identity and goals. From sleek and modern layouts to responsive designs optimized for various devices, our Website Design service brings your vision to life. Embrace innovation, captivate your audience, and leave a lasting digital impression with a website that not only looks exceptional but also performs seamlessly. Elevate your online brand presence with our expertly crafted and visually appealing websites.


Starting at $50

Elevate your professional branding across various platforms with our Comprehensive Branding Package, designed to provide a cohesive and polished image for your business or personal brand. This package includes bespoke designs for Facebook covers, LinkedIn profiles, and business cards, ensuring a consistent and impactful visual identity.



Contact me, packages can be adjusted to meet your accomadations.

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